Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wealth or Triple Trailer Trash?

As of January 1, 2018, six weeks after arriving in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, John and I are officially TTT (Triple Trailer Trash). Yes, we now own three RVs. One (the Jazz) is permanently affixed with a sun room on our property at Surfside RV resort in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada.

The second trailer, (The Wanderer), we use to travel about North America. And the recent addition to our fleet, our third RV (Wanderer II), is our new winter home. This second Wanderer is a 28-foot travel trailer that is set up on our property at Loma del Mar Recreation Park ( in San Carlos, Mexico, alongside a small casita.

Charlie and I walking at Loma del Mar,
Sonora, Mexico.  The community
where we now have our winter home.
Yes, over the holidays, John and I gave ourselves the gift of a permanent snowbird destination. We now have a summer home in Canada and a winter home in Mexico.

Our living space inside Wanderer II.
How did we come to this decision? We fell in love with San Carlos; its desert geography on the northeastern edge of the Sea of Cortez, its small friendly tourist atmosphere (similar to Parksville's), the warm winter climate, and the excitement of being in a new country with a different language. Creating a way of life in Mexico feels good.

Being part of an established snowbird park offers us an immediate community. People travel to Loma del Mar from all over North America. Utah, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Quebec, California, Wyoming to name a few places out of dozens.

The diversity in retirement ages at Loma del Mar ranges from people in their fifties to many in their eighties and nineties. The older folks are great inspirations! Active and adventuresome.

Now that we have a home base here, John and I have thrown ourselves into our Spanish lessons with increased gusto. We are committed to learning about this place and the people beyond the surface.

We spent the last ten days of 2017 making our little Mexican hacienda our own. John went through all the electrical, plumbing and gas systems and repaired problems. I cleaned and organized the interiors of Wanderer II and our little casita (that I'll use as my art studio). We tended to plants and spruced up and furnished the outdoor living space.

The studio (on left) and Wanderer II (on right) shot from the patio.

Wanderer II  on left and studio casita on right.
Charlie is enjoying the new place.  Inside the casita
that I'll use as my art studio.
I guess we're officially retired now, which translates to "ready to fully live". We're looking forward to at least a decade of snowbirding pending good health and barring unforeseen circumstances. For now, we have three months before we head back to our northern home in Parksville. Just set the studio up today and plan to get back to painting tomorrow. strangely feels all just right!  Ahh! Deep breath.

New Year's Day hike in Nacapule Canyon minutes from
our new winter residence.

The pool and hot tub area at Loma del Mar.

If you have questions or comments, I welcome them. Just leave your message below and I'll answer. Thank's for reading along.


  1. Fantastic little digs Levone ~you are insync with the universe Happy new years! xo

  2. Thank you Meg! It does feel so. I am brimming with gratitude.