Friday, May 11, 2018

"Three Red Suitcases: A Southern Childhood" Book Launch

Okay. So, I've been busy since returning back to Parksville, BC, on Canada's Vancouver Island. I'm preparing to launch my new book in June and all the related details have been many.  I want to share with you how to stay up to date on the progress of publication.  You can go to my website for information or you can follow along at my Three Red Suitcases Facebook page. 

Announcement and book description:

Book Launch JUNE 2018 "Three Red Suitcases: A Southern Childhood" by Levonne Gaddy
When adult Levonne returns to the rural North Carolina community where she was born and raised, to attend her biracial mother's funeral, the director bars her entry to the viewing room assuming she is white and therefore not related to the “colored” woman in the coffin.
Levonne easily engages the reader in a sad, funny, and poignant story of her childhood as she recounts a past marred by racism and the dysfunctional family life she left behind.
Her transition from 1960’s racial segregation to the integration of southern schools; the challenges of her first job, at age eleven, as the live-in caregiver for an elderly white woman; a rape; the death of her father; and estrangement from her mother are all part of a past with which Levonne struggles to make peace.

Many thanks and much love, Levonne

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